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Download Segoe UI font / segoeui.zip / segoeui.ttf for free, availble for windows and mac in truetype and opentype format. Free Download Segoe UI Segoe UI is most popular/used font in the State of Pakistan. Project name of this font is SegoeUI. Personaly feel free to use Segoe UI but when you use this font commercially please contsct- 2008 Microsoft Corporation. File name Size Download; 1: segoeuiblack.png: 1.5KB: 2: segoeuiblackitalic.png: 1.9KB: 3: seguibl.ttf: 315.8KB: 4: seguibli.ttf: 342.6KB. Download Segoe UI Semibold Font for Free. Search similar to Segoe UI Semibold Typeface in Windows Fonts with Getty Fonts. The Segoe UI font family can be obtained as part of Microsoft Office 2007, Microsoft Office 2010, Windows Vista or Windows 7. Will also work on XP if the user has downloaded a Windows Live package: Segoe UI is installed into Windows XP if the user installs Windows Live Messenger, or Windows Live Mail.


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Please note: If you want to create professional printout, you should consider a commercial font. Free fonts often have not all characters and signs, and have no kerning pairs (Avenue ↔ A venue, Tea ↔ T ea).

Segoe Ui Mac

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-->Segoe ui font family free download for mac


File nameSegoeuil.ttf
Styles & WeightsSegoe UI Light
Segoe UI Light Italic
Segoe UI Semilight
Segoe UI Semilight Italic
Segoe UI
Segoe UI Italic
Segoe UI Semibold
Segoe UI Semibold Italic
Segoe UI Bold
Segoe UI Bold Italic
Segoe UI Black
Segoe UI Black Italic
Copyright© 2018 Microsoft Corporation. All Rights Reserved.
Hebrew OpenType Layout logic copyright © 2003 & 2007, Ralph Hancock & John Hudson. This layout logic for Biblical Hebrew is open source software under the MIT License; see embedded license description for details.
Font vendorAgfa Monotype Corporation
Script Tagsdlng:'Latn', 'Grek', 'Cyrl', 'Armn', 'Geor', 'Geok', 'Arab', 'Hebr', 'Lisu'
slng:'Latn', 'Grek', 'Cyrl', 'Armn', 'Geor', 'Geok', 'Arab', 'Hebr', 'Lisu'
Code pages1252 Latin 1
1250 Latin 2: Eastern Europe
1251 Cyrillic
1253 Greek
1254 Turkish
1255 Hebrew
1256 Arabic
1257 Windows Baltic
1258 Vietnamese
Mac Roman Macintosh Character Set (US Roman)
Fixed pitchFalse

Licensing and redistribution info

  • Font redistribution FAQ for Windows
  • License Microsoft fonts for enterprises, web developers, for hardware & software redistribution or server installations

Products that supply this font

Product nameFont version
Windows 10See the Windows 10 page.
Windows 8.1See the Windows 8.1 page.
Windows 8See the Windows 8 page.
Windows 7See the Windows 7 page.
Windows Vista5.00
Windows Server 20085.00

Segoe Ui Free Download Mac Download

This typeface is also available within Office applications. For more information visit this page.

Segoe Ui Light Font Mac Download Free

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