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ControlMyCamera latest version

Currently not available as Apple removed due to a complaint. Working on it to bring it back.

The Dashboard first launched seven years ago with Mac OS X 10.4 Tiger in 2005 and saw its final update in 2011 with the launch of OS X 10.7 Lion. The app first introduced the concept of widgets to. CNET Download provides free downloads for Windows, Mac, iOS and Android devices across all categories of software and apps, including security, utilities, games, video and browsers. Download the latest version of The Atomic Dashboard for Mac - Explore the chemical elements. Read 1 user reviews of The Atomic Dashboard on MacUpdate. Rainway allows you to launch all your PC games from one place on your home computer or inside of a browser on; Mac, Windows, Linux or even a Chromebook. Download it here. Get the Rainway Dashboard. Download the Rainway Dashboard on the same Windows 10 PC as your games. Connect a Rainway App. Play on your phone, tablet.

qDslrDashboard latest version

Mirror 1Mirror 2
qDslrDashboard Manual EN

qDslrDashboard manual V1.1 EN

Download 2.13 MB 20981 downloads
qDslrDashboard anleitung DE

qDslrDashboard anleitung V1.1 DE

Download 1.75 MB 4248 downloads
qDslrDashboard manuale IT

qDslrDashboard manuale V1.1 IT

Download 2.11 MB 2407 downloads
qDslrDashboard manual ES

qDslrDashboard manual espanol

Download 1.90 MB 1131 downloads
Windows x64

Windows V3.5.9 x64

Download 0.00 KB 9074 downloads

Windows V3.5.9 x64

Download 72.06 MB 19054 downloads
Windows x86

Windows V3.5.5 x86

Download 0.00 KB 2953 downloads

Windows V3.5.5 x86

Download 0.00 KB 5007 downloads
Windows XP x86

Windows XP V3.5.1

Download 0.00 KB 1613 downloads

Windows XP V3.5.1

Download 42.89 MB 3732 downloads
Linux x64

Linux V3.5.9 x64

Download 72.58 MB 1771 downloads
Linux x86

Linux x86 V3.5.1

Download 34.93 MB 1295 downloads
OSX x64 (10.12 and up)

macOS V3.5.9 x64

Download 51.45 MB 11145 downloads
OSX x64 pre Mojave

OSX V3.5.7 x64 pre Mojave

Download 0.00 KB 832 downloads

OSX V3.5.7 x64 pre Mojave

Download 47.45 MB 2847 downloads
Raspberry Pi Jessie

Raspberry Pi V3.5.3

Download 24.57 MB 1014 downloads

Raspberry Pi V3.5.3

Download 0.00 KB 380 downloads
Raspberry Pi Stretch

Raspberry Pi V3.5.9 Stretch

Download 27.42 MB 483 downloads

Raspberry Pi V3.5.9 Stretch

Download 0.00 KB 81 downloads

Windows notes:

Dashboard Mac Download

Installation: unpack the zip archive. Run the vcredist_x86(x64).exe to install the Visual Studio C++ 2013 redistributable (this need to be done only once). Launch the application with qDslrDashboard.exe

Note: to use USB connected DSLR cameras the WinUSB driver is needed. Please follow the Install WinUSB driver guide

Linux notes:

Installation: unpack the tar.gz archive and launch the application with the qDslrDashboard.sh script. Check the README file for more.

Raspberry Pi 2 notes:

I only tested with the Raspbian image. Graphics memory must be set to 512 using the raspi-config utility

Mocha vnc mac download

TP-Link MR3040 ddserver OpenWrt firmware

Mac Dashboard Replacement

V0.2-14 (updated 08.10.2017 latest OpenWrt Chaos Calmer 15.05.1 and some ddserver fixes)

Seagate Dashboard Mac Download

MR3040 versionV1V2

DDServer OpenWrt MR3040 V1 Factory

Download 3.75 MB 472 downloads

DDServer OpenWrt MR3040 V2 Factory

Download 3.75 MB 808 downloads

DDServer OpenWrt MR3040 V1 Sysupgrade

Download 3.38 MB 392 downloads

DDServer OpenWrt MR3040 V2 Sysupgrade

Download 3.38 MB 785 downloads

TP-Link MR3020 ddserver OpenWrt firmware


DDServer OpenWrt MR3020 FACTORY

Download 3.75 MB 732 downloads

DDServer OpenWrt MR3020 SYSUPGRADE

Download 3.38 MB 802 downloads

DDSERVER OpenWrt package for ar71xx platform

DDServer OpenWrt ar71xx V0.2-13 package

Download 10.28 KB 7757 downloads

Wd My Cloud Dashboard Mac Download

DDSERVER OpenWrt package updater (Windows)

Dashboard Widgets Mac

DDServer OpenWrt V0.2-13 package updater

Download 344.33 KB 5820 downloads

Drobo Dashboard Mac Download

Note: see the ddserver package updater instructionson how to use the updater